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For whatever your challenges, whatever the circumstances, whenever the deadline.


March 2022


We are incredibly busy at the moment, which means that we have had to hire several new blacksmiths just this month. We currently have 15 active projects on 16 construction sites around the country- and abroad. This means that we are very busy managing both the logistics with everything from bidding, order receipt and purchasing of steel and consumables, to handling and distributing our staff to the various construction sites around Europe -and the extensive documentation work that follows.

X4 ClS

May 2022


The terrible situation in Ukraine has affected us all. As a company with employees from all over Europe, it also affects Sejerslev on a personal level. At the same time, the market is affected in a way that makes steel prices rise explosively and many components are more difficult to obtain. We find that the industry, despite this, is still incredibly busy and we are constantly trying to meet the demand we meet. Sejerslev is therefore still looking for skilled certified blacksmiths who want to be challenged.




Foundation essential

A creation is only as strong as the foundation that it is created upon.

With this in mind, Sejerslev strives to deliver the best possible solution to fit your needs


Anywhere and everywhere

Our skilled team is certified to perform forging and welding work in all situations, both on land, off-shore and at track rails


Butique quality finish

All our employees are certified and hand-picked in order to always be able to deliver the best possible quality and finish - and comply with all current requirements



Sejerslev specializes in sheet pile wall construction. As soon as your sheet pile wall is set, we are usually the first team in place.

We have a highly skilled and certified team of welders ready to support all types of constructions.

For all new projects, a separate PSS (Plan for safety and health) is prepared, where we assess the possible risks that may be associated with the work.

All employees are employed under the conditions prescribed by the current agreement with Dansk Metal.

Sejerslev on-site

Meet the team


Corporate Social Responsibility









The Fehmarnbelt Tunnel

Rodby Havn - Rodby, Denmark

At the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel Project, Sejerslev have assisted with the welding work. 

We have succesfully installed more than:

  • 700 meters of HE400B waling/bracing with no less then 2000 stiffening plates

  • 130 interconnection plates and 3000 HDG bolts.

  • 264 anchor plates and 1200 starter bars.

Furthermore have we extended 40+ sheet piles 


All welds are in compliance with DS/EN 1090-2 EXC2, ISO 3834-2, ISO 17660 and ISO 5817.

Due to the difficult conditions on site, the weather conditions and the location on the brink of the ocean,  we have optimized our ISO 45001, Working Enviroment to accommodate the challenges. 

22.101.20.MTO.001 Rev.jpg


Copenhagen, Denmark

Lynetteholmen is the name of the new island, which will accommodate up to 35,000 inhabitants. Lynetteholmen will be located north of Refshaleøen in northern Amager.

Sejerslev are currently on-site providing our EXC-4 certified expertice


As subcontractors to some of the largest and most reputable Danish and international companies and associations, Sejerslev contributes to creating a foundation for numerous projects - both in Denmark and abroad



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Telephone:  +45 26 77 93 77



Skilled welders and metal workers wanted

All applications should contain proof of certification.

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